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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


To reserve a seat with our Rutherford NJ Limo service, call as soon as you know the time and date of the occasion. An earlier reservation ensures that we have the exact vehicle you need. To make a reservation, simply call us and make a reservation for our Rutherford NJ Limo service by telephone or online!

No shows

A no-show is highly advisable. If you’re at the pickup point and your driver isn’t in the car, then do not leave. Call our office to make transportation arrangements or to relay details to the driver. If you were in an alternative location or the driver tried to call but failed, and you would leave in the first place, you would be assessed a no-show fee. The entire cost of the ride is included in the price.

If you have to wait in line for a taxi because of traffic, family emergencies, or an appointment for a haircut and you need to make an appointment, make sure you contact them. A driver will wait 30 minutes at a standard pickup location, which could be one in the city or a neighborhood. If you’re arriving from an airport, the driver can wait for up to an hour. In the time between waiting, the driver and the office will attempt to reach you to determine the reason for the delay and confirm that you still require the arranged transportation. A late fee and an unannounced charge will be added to your cost if the driver cannot respond.

You can request that your driver waits for you in case you’re delayed. They are more than capable of waiting, ensuring that both parties are happy at the end of the day despite the initial issues.

Vehicle Repairs

Sometimes a passenger can be intoxicated, or perhaps pets escape from their pet carrier and suffer an accident. We are aware that accidents can occur, no matter the reason. We will compensate you for any damages caused by passengers while traveling. Here at our Rutherford, NJ Limo service, you will be given a fair and accurate price for cleaning the vehicle (if someone becomes sick and vomits) or for the repair costs for any damages that occur (such as tears in the fabric). The restoration cost will be explained in detail so that you are fully informed of what happened and what needs to be done.

Changes in Credit Card Terms

Our goal is to stop fraud for the card owner and ourselves and ensure that there aren’t any unwelcome leftovers after the trip is completed. This is the first step in accomplishing this task. We must confirm that there are funds available on your card. The fund’s check will be listed as “Pending funds” on your online statement. The average amount for this is slightly higher, so if damages occur during your trip or drinks are requested at the last minute, they are dealt with. If the pending balance exceeds the money made during the journey, the remaining amount will be released from the balance charged.


Disputes, overcharges, and complaints are classified into corporate and non-corporate. For corporate customers, we consider that all the charges listed are correct unless a complaint is made. The complaint should be made within ten days from the date of service. To allow any dispute or complaint to be reviewed, we require you to email us or fax us the complaint along with the charges you are disputing so we can look over them and resolve the problem.

If you are a non-corporate customer, all charges incurred on the day of service are valid and valid unless a claim is made within fifteen days from the day of service. Like corporate customers, you should send us an email or fax detailing the exact details of the charges you dispute and any complaints.

Collection Fees

Suppose you fail to pay us for services rendered. In that case, you are responsible for all ensuing costs, including those incurred by legal counsel or litigation, accounting, and any other expenses arising from the legal process and the collection of the first payment.

Rate change

We reserve the right to modify any charges or fees for any reason, except in the unlikely event that our service prices are increased here with the most reliable NJ limousine company.

Itemized Invoices

To ensure that our clients and ourselves are clear about the charges and the fees associated with services rendered, We use invoices with itemized costs. For corporate accounts, invoices will be sent every 2 to 4 weeks. Statements that are not corporate will receive invoices when requested or after receipt of charges.

Deadline for Payment

If a customer isn’t paying by card, where we’ll hold the cash in the account until the service date, the payment must be paid within a specific time. Corporate bills must be paid within 15 days after receipt of the invoice itemized. Any client without a corporate account must pay the charges after completing the service.

Point-to-point fare

The cost for the service is decided by the distance at which points are from one another and the zones they are situated in. Corporate accounts may qualify for significant discounts based on how many miles and points you accrue. If you own a corporate account, contact one of our representatives a phone call, and we can see what discounts might be offered based on the frequency of use.

Hourly Rates

Some of our vehicles can be hired on an hour-to-an an hour basis. The service is contingent on the location and the required hours.

Waiting time

The driver will wait for the pick up time and return to work upon completing the waiting time. If the pickup location is an airport, the passengers are granted a thirty minutes grace period to make a domestic flight. International flights have a 45-minute grace period. The grace period for regular pickup locations is ten minutes. The waiting time is charged at the end of the grace period.

Be aware that drivers review all flights; if any delays are reported, there’s no waiting time charged for that delay.


It’s natural for travelers to require a stop to get something small such as a coffee, bathroom, etc.; those stops will not be charged. But, if there are lengthy wait times or many visits at these stops, charges may be incurred. If you or passengers plan on having stopped, contact us at the top new NJ limousine service to discuss their potential costs.


If any routes have tolls, the customer is billed for the tolls.

Meet & Greet

At our Rutherford NJ Limo service, we offer a meet-and-greet service for our clients. Meet and greet is complimentary on certain vehicles, so be sure to inquire about which cars; otherwise, there will be a cost for this service. The driver will carry a sign bearing the passenger’s name and will wait at either the customs exit or at the point where baggage is picked up. The waiting times for passengers are shown above. International or domestic flights can determine them.


Airports charge parking charges directly to the customers. These fees are generally between $8 and $16. However, they can vary depending upon how long the driver is waiting for passengers. All prices are collected directly from the airport, not from our company.


Gratuity is added to each trip and is charged; however, this is not the amount to be paid to the driver. You are welcome to tip your driver based on their service level and satisfaction with the trip.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are requested; however, we need to know before making reservations. It is recommended that guardians bring a child’s chair instead.

Holiday Surcharges

On certain holidays and during severe weather, there will be a surcharge. The amount charged will differ according to the travel duration, severity, and time. There will be an additional cost for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and New Year’s Day.

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