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The only place to get the best luxury limo services is in  New Jersey.

Rutherford NJ Limousine Service is a family-owned business. We are happy to serve the larger Rutherford areas at a reasonable price. Our professional team was drawn to the Rutherford limousine business because of their passion for providing quality service and extensive knowledge about the area. We are new to the industry, but we are proud to say that our vehicles and service will set a better standard in the industry. We strive to exceed our client's expectations and ensure they are satisfied. We are committed to providing the best limo service and vehicles. We have established a long-lasting and repeatable relationship with our Rutherford transportation clients.


Rutherford NJ Limo hire

Limousine escort Rutherford

Luxury Transportation is perfect for romantic evenings, proposing marriage, and anniversaries. One of our Rutherford limousines is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or reunite friends. For a memorable bachelorette or bachelorette party, our comfortable vehicles and professional drivers make it easy. Let Rutherford, NJ limousine service make your event memorable, no matter what the occasion. Our chauffeurs are well-versed in Rutherford a

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Rutherford NJ Limo hire

Bachelorette Limo Services

The absolute luxury for absolute fun! Bachelor's or bachelorette parties are nights of unlimited fun! Share the joy with every close friend in a luxurious limousine car.

Rutherford NJ Limo hire

Prom Limo Service

There must be a glamorous night for high schoolers at least once every year, even in Rutherford; the prom night; this night is when exactly you need to use the Rutherford prom limo service.

Rutherford NJ Limo hire

Quinceanera Limo Service

Quinceanera has also been practiced in Rutherford, NJ. This ceremony of turning fifteen or sixteen a girl is once the procession of a coming of age event that introduces a young Latina girl into womanhood.

Rutherford NJ Limo hire

luxury car service

There are many good services, but only the best can be found. We are confident that we offer the best luxury car service in Rutherford, NJ.

When we say "best," we mean exceptional service in all aspects. It is impossible to have a comfortable, stylish limousine fleet, and the best limousine cars are available for your escort.

our chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are also available for your safety and comfort. The ability to control a vehicle is not only a requirement for driving but also the ability to serve others.

All our chauffeurs must be well-trained and disciplined to be polite, courteous, and helpful. They must be clean and neat in appearance, uniform, and time accuracy.

Our 24-hour customer service will be happy to assist you in any situation. They will provide all information necessary to help you choose the exemplary service and how much you should pay.

Rutherford NJ Limo hire

ABOUT Rutherford New Jersey

If you are looking for a comfortable, luxurious ride in Rutherford, NJ, you should hire a Rutherford, NJ limousine service. These companies provide 24/7 service, airport transportation, and long-distance rides. They have several different vehicles available for you to choose from. In addition, they offer corporate and private accounts.

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle to fit your needs, consider a Hummer Limo. These vehicles are perfect for any party and are the ultimate in luxury and privacy. If you are throwing a holiday party, you can hire a Rutherford NJ Hummer Limo to transport everyone in comfort.

You may also want to consider a party bus rental to make your extra evening special. These vehicles are great for parties because they can be customized with premium sound systems and wet bars. However, be aware that prices will vary depending on where you live and your state. Moreover, you may need to check out the impact of covid-19 on the cost of rentals.

Rutherford, NJ, limousine service has several options for you to choose from. A party bus can accommodate up to 40 passengers, which is ideal for small groups, but a charter bus can accommodate up to 60 passengers. A party bus is also great for larger groups, such as a wedding.

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Rutherford NJ Limo hire

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